20 Years Later!

We are so excited to be Blogging again. It feels like it has been years since our last Blog and we finally feel ready to continue doing it again. The last few months have been very busy for us. Mercedes continues to make amazing wedding cakes, celebration cakes and other desserts at the bakery. We have seen all sorts of new trends, colors and creative techniques that are making wedding cakes more fun and more important. Our new blog will serve as a tool for couples to get familiar with new wedding trends, ideas and tips they can use while planning their special day. We will also feature guest contributors that will share with us real life knowledge about the industry they work in. You will not want to miss a single post! 

Today we are shifting our focus more on teaching. Many of you know that while Mercedes loves making all kinds of creative cakes her biggest passion is the ability to teach others. It is this love of teaching that has given Mercedes the chance to teach all over the world and meet so many wonderful people. 

Mercedes is an amazing cake artist and has been teaching and has been doing cakes for over 25 years. Since then she has made cakes in every form, shape, color, size and technique. She has been a staple to the cake industry and is often credited for her commitment to cake. 

Someone once asked Mercedes what her greatest professional achievement to date has been and she had this to say. "Back in 1997 I created the Show Cake for the ICES Convention at Disney World. My goal was to create a cake inspired by nature that really represents the beauty of the State of Florida. I also wanted the cake to be a huge hit so I was able to make it a whopping 9 by 9 feet diameter. This was the biggest challenge of my career with cakes as I didn't have the resources I do today. It was all done in my garage and everything was handmade. Satin Ice didn't exist at that time (so I had to make my own fondant, gumpaste) and neither did the internet. I relied on library books and several trips to beachside Florida, the everglades and parts of Florida to study the wildlife in person. No one at the time was making cakes like this and after it was done it became one of my most memorable pieces to date".

Wow! Can you imagine having to rely on library books and seaside visits to make something this large? Can you imagine having to make all that fondant and gumpaste by hand? It is hard to believe that was 20 years ago...way before Iphones, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google! 

Today in 2017 that piece still exists and is displayed at The Orlando Science Center where it teaches kids and parents about the wildlife of Florida. You can still go and see it! Truly worthy of being in a Museum!